Company Background
Sultana established in 1996 as an affiliate company of Sultan co group.

Sultan co group was one of the first companies in Egypt that working in watches industry since 1969.

Now sultana is one of specialized companies in brand business.

Mission Statement

Sultana's mission is to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction by selling and servicing the highest quality, through a store that uniquely conveys the outdoor experience.
Company Strategic Business Integrity, Efficient Management Control, Modern Technology, Reliable Service, and customer care constituted the key elements of sultana's strategy.
Continually re-examine and critically evaluate watch mix, placement, and market strategy.

Sultana's Target

  • Our main target is to encounter immediate success & gain the confidence & loyalty of customers, and a leading role in the Egyptian watches market.
  • To achieve net sales volume of $1,000,000 by generating a customer base that is large enough to support firm size and investment expansion.
  • To expand our exquisite Collection: